Nevada Dan Sister Horses Arrive

Wild Horse Foundation – March 1, 2003

Nevada 2003 Estray Horses Arrive!

001ImageOn March 1, 2003 the Wild Horse Foundation received our newest arrival of Nevada horses.  After they settled in for a few days we used ‘Gentle Horsemanship’ techniques while working with the horses for adoption.  We would like to THANK all of the adopters for being prompt and on-time for pick up.

We would like to congratulate our newest certified ‘Horse Gentlers’ who played an important role with our new arrivals by offering plenty of training and TLC in their temporary new home.

Some of the pictures below tell some of the stories.  Make sure you read the comments by adopters and well wishers who watched the Gentling process.

These Horses were the Dan Sister Horses, Nevada 990 Project.

We were more than happy to help the horses. These were to go through Jerry Finch, Habitat For Horses. His facility was not approved for the delivery of these so when he asked us if we would help, we were more than glad to. His adopters picked up the horses here at the foundation. The Foundation is a Federal Approved facility.