Hurricane Rita

All livestock have made it home from the foundation and everyone is okay.

With the mass exit of southeast Texas, the foundation played an enormous roll in helping over 300 horses to placed in safe facilities.  A great big Texas Thank You goes out to Andy Andersen for getting us the right weather information and finding Bell County Expo Center. 

SPECIAL THANKS–On behalf of the residents and pets of Polk County, we want to thank you  and the Wild Horse Foundation. Your generous donations and delivery of pet  food and supplies during the Hurricane Rita crisis helped so much. The  food and supplies have helped a lot of people and their pets during a time  of great need.  It was great to meet you. Keep up the good work!  Angela Everitt,  Polk County, Texas

We have full capacity in stalls here at the foundation and had plenty of room in the open paddock areas plus an additional 4000 acres for open grazing.  While we can’t use this for our wild horse population we were able to use this for our bigger rescue horse owners.

We were more than glad to help out 4 animal rescues by  placing their horses and small animals.  It’s what we call people helping people, not tearing each other down when the confusion hit,  so many times others who claim to help are the very ones not lifting there figures to help, and we saw a lot this year.  The strong have survived!

How can you help us to help them, click on “I want to help“, and watch us work to help all animals from starving.