Internship Information


  • Internships for Marketing and Film production are available also.
  • Now accepting for Summer – Due March 1st every year. All applicants must be pre-approved and Back ground checks and references verified.  No exceptions.
  • This is a full time working Horse Ranch facility, interns are expected to step up to the task and complete all duties and assignments for certification. 


Wild Horse Foundation is located in Franklin, Texas (Just north of Texas A&M in College Station, Texas) Closest airport, College Station or Waco, Texas.  Physical address 13140 State Highway 7, Franklin, Texas 77856.


Internships are offered during spring and summer sessions only. 4 – 6 weeks of full-time work. Most internships are scheduled to begin the first week in June and end the first week of August. However, some flexibility is allowed to accommodate student’s schedules. We do not offer internships all year round. Please inquire on the spring and fall sessions. No guest over night stays with any internship.


Internship responsibilities include assisting with daily horse care and ranch operations, assisting with weekend horseback camping rides; and participation in wild horse identification.  Additional projects are available and will be tailored according to student interests and the needs of the Foundation.


College students who have finished at least their sophomore year of undergraduate study in any Baccalaureate program and who have an interest in pursuing a career involving horses, veterinary medicine, animal behavior, wildlife management, or ethology are encouraged to apply. While it is preferable that a student is enrolled in the study of animal science, animal behavior, ethology, or pre-veterinary medicine, this is not required. Applications will be evaluated according to academic record, prior experiences with horses and other animals, level of interest and motivation, and career aspirations. Interns must provides current grade transcripts and 5 references.


Because Wild Horse Foundation is a non-profit organization, summer internships are conducted on a volunteer basis. However all interns are provided with a room for the duration of the internship, quest bunk house. Accommodates 8.

College Credit:

College programs differ in how college credit for internships is awarded. Students should consult with their college advisor to determine if credit can be earned through a Wild Horse Foundation internship. As a guideline, 3 credit hours are typically awarded for completion of a full 4 – 6 week internship program.

College Advisor:

Most college programs require interns to consult with an undergraduate advisor or coordinator when enrolling in an internship program. Because requirements vary, interested students should consult with their college advisor or program coordinator to ensure that they meet all necessary requirements for a college internship. Wild Horse Foundation will coordinate with interns’ advisors as needed to ensure that all requirements for the students’ programs are met.


A general application form for Wild Horse Foundation’s internship program is available on this site. College programs may have additional requirements for intern applicants. Students should first determine the requirements of their college and then complete both their college application (if applicable) and the Wild Horse Foundation application. Completed applications should be sent to Susan Calhoun, c/o Wild Horse Foundation.