CNN Reports

Before we even get into this absurd story, CNN just like many, many others have now decided that there’s “Gold in Wild Horses” .

Take the events with Director Bob Abbey, not only does he want to promote the “wrong stuff” by agreeing to speak at a Horse Killer Convention in Las Vegas this Jan. 4 – 6, 2011 he has chosen the lower path of least resistance.

Sometimes doing the wrong thing means not doing the “right” thing because doing the “right” thing is often harder.  Face it, if doing the “right” thing was popular everybody would be doing it.  In this case Abbey is using this convention as an exploratory asset to the BLM to “OFF” more  wild horses and rid his butt of doing his job.  Wishful thinking would be him going to gamble instead.

You have to understand how the BLM operates before you can attempt to fix it.  This is a whole book by itself, so later on this ridiculous agency.

CNN calls itself doing a story on wild horses, didn’t mention if it was positive or negative, just wanted to see what viewership rating it would bring before they invested  money into a “Gold Mine”.

Sunday night, central time around 6 p.m., CNN runs this brief story on the Walker Lake wild horses.  They state the BLM wants to remove these because they are a “safety hazard” to drivers on a highway in the town.  They claim 4 people had accidents with wild horses crossing the highway.  Now lets look at the picture so far before we loose track.

The County Commissioner gets on the news with CNN and claims the wild horses need to be removed due to the “death risk” associated with wild animals/horses/deer crossing the road/highway.

The point is that if this is a “safety related issue” then the town or county and even the state is at fault not the BLM on these wild horses crossing.  Why, you ask?  Anytime you receive “Federal Money” especially for road construction, highway building etcetera the federal money comes with strings attached, yes, you should be getting closer now. You see, by obligating themselves to take this money, the federal money comes with a “safety” clause.  When building any highways or state roads or county roads and federal money is used, there deep down in the middle on all the fine print is a small clause that states, to some wording effect, “that accepting this money you agree to meet all safety rules and regulations” and so on.

The final word is that the city, county or state is obligated to make the roads safe for motorists.  Simply meaning that they are responsible for fencing or reducing or making aware the safety hazards on the road.  Does anyone see signs posted for speed limits? for curves ahead? no passing zone?  all warning signs must be posted included “wild horse crossing ahead”, deer crossing next 5 miles,  you get the idea where the county commissioner would rather re-utilize the money portion for safety in her personal parks area or building projects.  The town thinks she is doing them a service when the whole time she is pulling the table clothe off the table and your still stuck with dirty dishes.  Sorry I’m not a Pulitzer prize winner writer but you see the point.

Now, back to the rest of the story,

The BLM uses its enemies against themselves as a means to keep them busy while the BLM is using the public lower government to do the dirty work.

See if the BLM actually gets you in court that opens up a whole new public avenue for ridicule against them. Then the U. S. Attorney would have to allow all public information for both sides to be heard in court.  It’s cheaper for the BLM to let these new wild horse come lately lifesavers file there paper work, injunctions and then get kicked out of court and it doesn’t cost the BLM any money.   They, BLM will try and wait you out when you need to be provoking them into taking people into court so that the story gets told.

I had a nurse, Debbie, in California who wants to do terrible things against the BLM, fight  for the wild horses, she says. Imagine fight for wild horses.  Yeap, here’s your sign!

I asked her, “Why aren’t you doing it instead of complaining to me?”

She stated, “I could loose my nursing license and then what would I do”,

I replied, “Well, if you feel so strong about the wild horses issues and we need the help and support, do you think its fair that we do all the work and you take the credit?”,

She paused, then stated, “Well your suppose to fight for the wild horses and your not doing a good enough job.”

I replied, “We’re doing more than you and most everyone else complaining, at least on the physical side we’re taking in hundreds of wild horses and placing them into homes, how many have you adopted?

She replied, ” I don’t have the room or money, don’t change the subject.”

I asked, “What was your question then? If you can’t help then your like that barking dog at the car that goes by, when the car stops what are you going to do, pee on the wheel? Wash it? What? Don’t complain about the work of what we do when your not willing to step up to the plate!”

I exclaimed. Make sure you vote, get your new congressman or senator to commit to you that they will support the wild horses issues and protect them at least.  Thats your right as a citizen, nail that politician to the ground on what you want, they work for us and if they don’t do it replace them next election!.

So CNN airs this thinking that that moron. who he was running his mouth about wild horses didn’t do the wild horses any good.  This first place moron must have been working for the BLM.  Do they just interview every idiot who claims to be a wild horse expert, now days there’s millions of them. Where were they last year or the year before, there like weeds they keep popping up causing us real wild horse people more headaches because they don’t want to join a team.  They want to re-invent the wheel when all its needs is more balance. The BLM knows the more it sees, the more wider the fight and diluted the issues are.

This story was about “safety on local highways and roads” “not wild horses” and why the BLM should relocate, remove the wild horses.  The wild horses are no different than the Elk, Deer, Big Horn sheep that roam the western states all over.  The BLM promoted the push on this story so that wild horses look evil, out of control and expensive.

That lady claimed that wild horses cost $6.00 per day for taxpayers  and yeap she’s close, Here’s the scoop.  How many federal employees does it take to watch a long term holding facility on private ranch land?  Nope, your not close, it take not one federal employee which the BLM pays the private welfare rancher around $1.50 per day to house these wild horses.   That $6.00 per day oh yeah, ready now, thats for that federal employee to keep his job, his desk, his truck, his computer, his air conditioner, his cell , his black berry, his per diem for food and hotels, “by the way they join a hotel frequent program and they then receive personal free nights and food off of taxpayer funded  money, which is illegal.  I personally can give you names of wild horse program employees who have used these perks to take there family on vacations.” You want names I’ll give you names, and where there family were when they received these benefits off American taxpayer dollars.   Yeap it takes $6.00 a wild horse once they are collected.

It cost the taxpayer absolutely nothing when there out on public lands. ZERO, dollars, nothing.  No shots, no wormers, no feed.  Just doing what all wild life does.  Living and existing.

See, “deer, elk, cows, goats, chickens have term life’s”.  We either hunt them, eat them, grill them, fry them, bar-b-que them  but we can’t eat wild horses or burros.  They have a long life span but so does deer and everything else if we didn’t hunt them.  Make no mistake, I’m a hunter, and for you vegan people who ate us, well watch what your wearing, some boil weevil gave his life so you could wear cotton.  Some tree had to be taken down so you could write or print on your computer.  Some wild berries had to demolished so you could use an ink-pen.

Point is, no natural predator exist for wild horses but the federal government, man or woman. You decide.

These majestic beauties were here before your Paint Horse association, American Quarter horse breed.  So why is it so many domestic horses problems are running over into wild horses.

Well some well known animal rights group thought if they shut down the slaughter plants that would save the world, oh yes, bring them in more money.  Raised the price of corn because now more feed is needed to feed all the “thousands of domestic horses” that are flooding the market to drive the price of a horse to pennies.

So by saving you one you killed the few. You might have saved the domestic but you killed the wild horses with your ego’s and wallets.  There goes our legacy to the greedy.

Thank you idiots. Next time have a solution before you cause another problem.  We’re Pro Animal Owners Rights and when the animals are at risk, the owner did it.

Eat more beef, its what America needs, just get them off the federal lands and leave the wild horses alone.  Only 70,000 left and millions of domestic horses, Texas alone has 1.3 million domestic horses, Zero wild horse areas.

This CNN story at best showed that the local citizens are getting fleeced by local government authorities for not making highway safer by doing there job with federal funds.

Wild Horses are no more of a risk on the road than rocks falling off the hills on I-8 on the Baja interstate.

Do you think they could blame the wild horses for our federal stimulus screw-up while there at it.

My comments do not reflect the opinions of the Board of Directors or Officers of the Wild Horse Foundation. Should you feel the need to comment send me an email, thousands of people do.  I’ll post your comments here, if there meaningful and wild horse related.