Stall Set-Up

Wild Horse Foundation presents

Stall setup and preparations

Below you can see how to prepare your stall for winter weather.  

First, clean the stall and fill in any lump areas.

Once the area is cleaned and level you can apply your limestone millings.  No rocks.  This allows for a good solid base and will allow for water to run off without washing out any other soils.

The limestone base bottom is about 4 – 5″ deep, compacting to a 2.5 – 3″ base. Once this is settled it will allow for easier cleaning and maintenance.

If you have any questions on types of soil for your stall to use, remember to always check your local soil stores and ask them for whats readily available.  You can use saw dust shaving after this point when you need to or you can use hay for the horses to lay on.  Even after they use the hay you can easily clean up and reapply.

This stall is 16′  x 16′ and required 6,000 lbs of limestone milling. (3 tons)

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