Adoption Information and Guidelines

Potential Adopters must reside in the state of Texas. Residents in other states may be considered for adoption on a case by case basis pending approval by the Wild Horse Foundation Board of Directors. We have several hundred out of state adopters. All adoptions must be in United States jurisdiction.

Interested Adopters must complete and submit a  (1)Adoption Application. Adopters must sign and lawfully abide by the (2)Wild Horse Foundation Adoption Agreement and (3)Adoption Requirements. (If you have left a deposit to adopt a horse it will not guarantee the horse until all the adoption forms, all 3, equine contract, application, policy requirements have been filled out returned and approved.  You must get these forms in quickly)  The WHF reserves the right to refuse adoption privileges. Adoptions Fees deposits are non-refundable.  In the interim if someone else pays the fees and the paper work is completed they have first choice. Then we will refund your deposit.  The monies for an adoption of a equine and adopter does not pick up the adopted equine in a timely manner or by an agree time stated the WHF reserves the Right to retain the equine and forfeit your adoption monies to a donation automatically. Timely manner is 5 days from notification of approved adoption.

We do not adopt on emotions. We have hundreds of people come in and claim they can care for horses and give good homes but clearly do not have the room, i.e., live in the piney wood thicket, no grass, area to small, rent an area, fence to short or not at all, want to put in back yard, we hear them all.  You must have legitimate room, these are not house pets.

If any adopter has surrendered a horse we will take into consideration what reasons lead to this action.  Please be aware that we do not adopt horses or any animals back out to anyone who has surrendered an animal.  We will look into the application and have the Board make a decision on a case by case basis and it must have 100% of the Board’s approval.  We do not ever guarantee an adoption.  If it happened once it will most likely happen again is our belief’s.  We will not put any animal’s at risk.

Adopters must agree in writing to accept all legal, moral and financial responsibility of adopted horse.

Adopters must agree to never sell or transfer adopted horse to any other person or place until titled.  Adopters who breach this agreement will face legal ramifications and be responsible for all debt to both WHF  win, loose or draw.

Adopters must understand that the Wild Horse Foundation and fix body group never releases title or ownership papers to Adopters.

Adopters must agree to return adopted horse to the Wild Horse Foundation if at any time they can no longer properly care for adopted horse.

Interested Adopters will be thoroughly screened and references will be checked.  Final approval will be determined by members of the board of directors or by the Executive Director, Ranch Manager based on information provided in Adoption Application and screening process.

Adopters may be requested to attend equine educational clinics or classes prior to taking possession of adopted horse.

A minimum donation up to-$800 (depending on the specific horse chosen-see chart below) is requested from Adopter.  Your donation will allow the Wild Horse Foundation to rescue another horse in need. Donations are non-refundable and may be tax deductible. Tax deductibility should be determined by your tax preparer.

Transportation of the adopted horse to its new home is the responsibility of the Adopter, although, transportation arrangements for a fee may be made on a case by case basis. If we transport your horse fees arrange from short haul, $75.00, short mileage under 100 miles $4.50 per miles both ways,  over 100 miles but less 200 miles $3.50 miles over 200 miles $3.25. per mile. we have to lay over, that fee is extra, we have to wait for vet, we charge $25.00 hour per driver, $35.00 per day for meals, $75.00 per day for hotel per driver. $25.00 per horse lay over rest station if over 24 hour haul.

The Wild Horse Foundation makes every effort to match the personality and abilities of the horse to the adopter’s level of skill and expertise.  However, it must be understood that most Wild Horse Foundation rescued horses need additional training before they can be considered “finished” horses.  In some cases, the Wild Horse Foundation rescued horses, will have little or no prior training.  It is the Adopter’s responsibility to obtain professional training for their adopted horse. Horses are animals and no implied warranties are expressed. They can kill you in a second, remember this.

Potential Adopters must understand that rescued horses are ones that have been discarded by their previous owners for one reason or another.  Some horses may have an unsoundness, imperfect conformation, or have personality flaw. Some may have had owners who just didn’t care anymore and neglected there horse.

Horses available for adoption may be viewed at this website, or by making an appointment to visit the ranch.  Additional information may be obtained by calling 979.676.1650

Thank you for your interest in our organization and our horses!

Wild Horse Foundation • Adoption Donations Schedule

  • Ungentle horses $125.00 (special rates may apply)
  • Special needs horses $125.00
  • Standard Adoption fee $150.00
  • Gentled too halter/lead horses $500 (when available)
  • Saddled or ready for saddle horses $600 (when available)
  • Seasoned saddle horses $800 (when available)
  • Good Homes with excellent references fee waiver.

Approved adopters may qualify to work a certain number of hours at the Wild Horse Foundation ‘ in exchange for their adopted horse.  The number of hours required to work depends on the adoption donation fee for each horse.  Each hour worked will be credited at $10 off the adoption fee.

Volunteer duties will be mainly cleaning stalls and corrals, with a possibility of other varied tasks depending on need.

Adoptive horse will remain with the Wild Horse Foundation until Adopter’s hours are completely worked, or Adopter may pay the balance of the Adoption Fee in order to take possession of their horse sooner.

Adopter must be in general vicinity of the Wild Horse Foundation ‘ and must provide a volunteer schedule that will satisfy the Adoption Donation Fee in a timely manner. Adopters should be able to work off their hours within one month’s time.  Example: You can expect to work at least 25 hours to satisfy the minimum donation of $250.

In cases the Wild Horse Foundation may waive fees for adoption.  Good homes are more important than minimal fees.  On average it costs $150.00 – 190.00 to give each horse shots by a vet, then add in gelding another $100.00 on average.  Even the BLM does not recoup fees for shots, coggins or gelding with adoption fees.  As a non-profit organization we have to use judgment and good faith to ensure good homes are sought for all wild horses and burros.  Donations help make up the difference.