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Wild Horse Foundation Fall Clinic Special

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Texas Wild Horse and Burro Survival School TSS15

November 11, 12 &13

21/2 days of the best wild horse gentling you can find!

(Please be respectful of the local celebrities that will be here, they love to enjoy these clinic as well)

Wild Horse Foundation

 “The Wild Horse Foundation is a godsend to the bureau, said a BLM Official”, It’s just phenomenal what the foundation has been able to do for us as far as placing these animals”.  In 20 years with the BLM, the program hasn’t seen anything like this phenomenon. “The Foundation maybe pioneering what the future will hold for the adoption program”.


The TSS5 clinic was a huge success and the participants had a great time.  I have been informed that we will be holding another clinic in March or April since we were so successful.  This year we will sponsor two (2) clinics a year, spring and fall.  This mini clinic offered an action packed weekend, starting on Thursday with clinics during the day and evenings entertainment for everyone!  

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We will have over 75 wild horses up for adoptions.  Gelding & Studs $25.00 each,  Mares over 4 years old, $50.00 each, All Colts, Fillies, Mares, Gelding, & Studs under 4 are $150.00 each.  All wild horse with color are $250.00 each. Under 4 have all been handle or introduce to the touch.  More coming in with color,

(This is not a BLM sponsored event) 

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Clinicians Kenny Kleinsasser, Dr. Wolfe, Ray Field will be here this year. Plus several adopters who have started there own wild horses will be here to share experiences and help also with questions.

Clinic Schedule – (subject to change)

Kenny Kleinsasser, WHF Ferrier trims, balances and positions Monica’s horses feet.

Our evening relaxation brought a wonderful Indian pipe ceremony with Shadowwalker Wild Horse Spirit tales.

Ray teaches saddle starting during the TSS2 fall clinic.

Dr. Wolfe starts his Equine Chiropractic demonstration.

Thanks to the Gloryland Bluegrass Band from Crawford, Texas.

Shelia, Eddie and children come by during the TSS2 clinic and reunite with “Dude” donated to the WHF. 

Jim and his newly adopted “Texas”.

Michael, Jarrett, Chris and Justin relax at sunset. These volunteers are priceless!

Randy Randolph evaluates Boomer.

Dear Susan and Ray,

1. Again it was a real pleasure to meet you both. Again what you are doing with these animals is so admirable.  I know you both work 24/7 – I don’t know how you do it.
2. I am very glad that I came up to watch you work with the 2 horses Ray.  I thought the clinics were well done and very relaxed, which is nice so that people aren’t afraid to work with their animals with you.  I felt what you brought into those 2 days was very interesting.
3. It was also a pleasure meeting the other attendees. The 2 horses that were brought in were truly gorgeous.  Again I’m very pleased I went to the clinic.  I keep learning all of the time.

To watch how they respect you Ray is amazing.  It’s almost immediate – just a bit of confidence sure goes a long way!!

Lynn Holleran

Lynn Holleran
Lah Lah Farm, College Station TX

Ray & Susan,I just wanted to say thank you for a great time at your wild horse ranch.  You two have a great place and “wonderful hearts” to take care of these beautiful animals God have given us.  I wished I lived closer to you so I could spend more time there.  It’s my goal to make people more aware of the American mustang and what great partners they make.  I look forward to seeing you soon, and if you need other help let me know.  P.S. – “Boomer is doing fine.”Thanks again,

Mary Killebrew