Nevada Dan Sister Horses Arrive

Wild Horse Foundation March 1. 2003

The Foundation is a Federal Approved facility.

017ImgMarch 2, 2003 Susan,

We got home around 1AM this morning.  Rain rode like a trooper.  She comes to the fence and wants to be talked to and loved if you go near her.  She would take steps toward me when we stopped and checked on her on the way home.  She wouldn’t leave the trailer when we got here until I got into the trailer with her so she could smell me and know it was safe.  We could not be happier about her.  I am very impressed with the job Ray did.  I have to admit to being skeptical before Sunday, now I am a firm believer.  I have been telling everyone how pleased I am with the job Ray did.  I am recommending his services and the clinics to all the groups I belong to.  If Sky works out as good as Rain I will forever be in ya’lls debt.

Shelley Sawhook