Penny Drive feeds Wild Horses


Penny Drive Benefits Wild Horse Foundation!

Local Elementary School raises over $900.00 is school 30 day period. to put in adult terms that’s 90,000 pennies or about 3,000 pennies each day. Not dollars brought in, the kids brought in pennies each day.

The goal was to educate the 1,000+ students on the history of wild horses and aspects of philanthropic work.  The Wild Horse Foundation provided a PowerPoint Presentation of the history of wild horses which was shown electronically and on a presentation board in the schools library with stuffed horses.  The faculty/student presentation was held Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 12:30 pm – to present the funds raised to the President of the Wild Horse Foundation and included a Shetland pony for the teacher’s to kiss. 

School presents Wild Horse Foundation President Susan Calhoun with check for $900.00 for the Penny Fund Fundraiser.

Elementary students take turn petting and holding the miniature rescue horse for the fundraiser.

Thank You to all the Elementary Kids and Faculty Staff for the encouragement. They taught the children that giving can be fun and be a wonderful learning experience. You don’t have to give DOLLARS to make a difference just giving is what it takes! 

Thank you from all the Wild Horses and Burros from the Wild Horse Foundation. 

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