Nevada Horses

“The arrival at Warm Springs Correctional Facility”

warmThis lucky boy stands and watches as we make the trails once more.  This is what that true spirit of the west is all about.

As I have seen on many occasions these wild mustangs roaming this land that this truly is what represents the west.  Some folks seem to think that the west started in west but the Boston Harbor is where it begins and until the mighty Mississippi River drew a line this is where God’s country begins.

To this day not one horse according to the State of Nevada, Department of Agriculture Secretary Don Henderson and State of Nevada Estray Manager Mike Holmes have ever been sold for slaughter.  Many have been able to find many people and non-profit groups  to accept these wild horses up for adoption.

While our Congress has turned a deaf ear unto us all. They are willing to send to slaughter hundreds and thousands.  By neglecting we the people and demanding that the BLM employees do there job, congress has decided to let them keep there jobs for failure to perform there duties as prescribed by federal law.   Seems to me they the federal government needs to here two words from us the tax payers whom pay they salary,  “Your fired”.

We here at the foundation would like to see that Congress makes the BLM work with private organizations, specifically non-profits organizations to make this program work.

 The State of Nevada has a proven track record of doing so and we here in Texas have been able to make this work because we ask the support of the public at large, it works.

Some horse groups in Nevada are having a serious hard time with our success rate of adoptions and we are extending an open invitation to have them come and see how a successful operation works.  Come and visit.

There are a few organizations who successful raise over a million dollars a year for the cause of the wild horses but they don’t adopt out more than a few dozen.

We need your help.  Last year we adopted out over 800 horses and we only operate off adoption fees and fee donations.

For more information on how you can help please email us or call us.

Thank you.

Any amount will be grateful.