Hurricane Ike

Everyone has something to offer from office work to driving a truck, from logistics to communications we need you!

We need your help even if the Disaster strikes down the coast from you a hundreds miles, people with horses and animals are looking places to move there animals to for a safer locations, will you help.   The evacuees are responsible for the financial feeding of there animals, not you the volunteer,  all you have to do is provide a location that is safe and solid out of harms way.  Contacts us today, let us know if you can help.

Hurricane Ike1 032

Here I tighten the rope down another post to secure it tighter. Look at the fence, covered in weeds, I’m 6′ and thats makes the fence almost 5′ and can you imagine horses, dogs, goats, cats and others animals swimming in water at a minimal 6′ – 8′ at this point!

Hurricane Ike1 034

Let’em calm down, graze a bit and look to see everything’s okay.


For Donations or questions please contact us immediately on how you can help.  Don’t wait until its to late to evacuate!

((Click here to make a Donation)) or click here to send email to

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Ray caught the first mare.

Hurricane Ike1 044

This mare relaxed finally

Hurricane Ike1 048

The second mares halters with almost no resistance

Hurricane Ike1 050

The second mares loads up easy after she sees her mate in the trailer.

Hurricane Season is Here! Do you have a plan? Are you ready? 

4 Hit Texas, so Far, How Prepared are You?

Dolly, Edouard, Goustov, and Now IKE!

You must be prepared!


Volunteer and receive free training.   Don’t wait to late to Donate!  Donate Today!

We are accepting food donations, hay, bags of grains, for all kinds of misc. livestock goats, pigs, dogs food.  see below for address!  Bags of feed to south west Houston,  call 713-2971397. Hillcroft/Beechnut area. Hay has to be transported to another volunteer location. In Central Texas here to the Foundation.  Please also go drop off at our main location in Franklin on hwy 7 between Kosse and Marquez.

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We went and found Josh of Gal. Co. Animal to pick these up for immediate medical treatment.

Hurricane Ike1 052

3 German Sheppard’s at Hornbeck’s dehydrated. This man came to us after we gathered the horses and took us to these dogs in seriously bad shape.

Hurricane Ike1 057

Josh, Unknown HSUS camera guy and Amy Snyder, Texas City Animal Control Officer loading Hornbeck German Sheppard’s.

Hurricane Ike1 059

We went and found Josh of Gal. Co. Animal to pick these up for immediate medical treatment.

Hurricane Ike1 065

Josh Henderson, Amy Snyder, Susan Calhoun, President Wild Horse Foundation, and Photographer Brandon Thibodeaux, Wild Horse Foundation/Free lance reporter.