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More Horses and Cattle found starving to death

 see pictures below, WARNING VERY GRAPHIC

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Presidio County Sheriff states no abuse… very graphic… reality check for humans… if the Sheriff doesn’t think this is abuse and neglect then I’d hate to see how he treats his public..

(Tues)Here today, starved, and weak………. (Thurs)Gone tomorrow because nobody cared enough to let help in here to help…….

I have an agent on the ground taking pictures and gathering more evidence.

We do flyovers of Big Bend Ranch State Park on a continuous basis looking for burros and then we found this……..

update below

(1)1500 horses and 600 head of cattle starving in Presidio, Texas holding pens. Today as I did a fly over of Big Bend Ranch State Park, drifting over the west rim I dropped down to see at the edge of town of Presidio, Texas noticing horses and cattle dead in the creek that feeds water into the town. Horses and Cattle both without water or food. The moron who is suppose to watching over the pens has been missing or drunk for days. The pens are located just past the Presidio city dump to north east a couple of miles. The pens are leased to Jim Crenan of C4 Cattle Company in Burlington, Texas south of Rosebud southeast of Waco, Texas and he works for Ty Jones. The name of the pens, Alvarado Pens. The sad part is that while these horses are put here for sale to Inter meats, horse slaughter in Mexico owned by former Dallas Crown Olivier Kemseke. Its a worse crime to slaughter animals but its even a worse (r) crime to starve them. As this is being written I have an agent on the ground moving around 600-800 horses and hopefully most of the cattle. People this is Texas, it aint rained here in God knows when, hay is higher than gold, wait it is gold, and how do I ask for help is beyond my comprehension. The Sheriff’s office is livid and tomorrow we will try and get a court order but this is the tough part. Is it illegal to beat the crap out of the ignorant?

We will have pictures posted as we can. Our hands are full moving horses.

The sad part is these horses are micro chipped because the Mexico government states they have to be but these are not filed micro chips in the U. S. so it makes it hard trying to find the buyers, owners, sellers or traders.

Grays were 1200 pounds now barely 800 pounds and 900 pounds

Breathing in urine water and feces

horses in creek, they actually cut this man’s fence drove through his property and dumped these , TCEQ Criminal Investigator has filed with Presidio County Sheriff Office, 11-058 this illegal dumping violation and the sheriff  isn’t doin anything. Basically they say they need witnesses and I found witnesses that watched them dump many of these. But this would be a small potato to the large cruelty of abuse and neglect thats going on.


Above photo even shows why this is even worse. Can you imagine just down the river in the recreation area, you’re canoeing or jet sking or swiming and then you smell this fowl order that lingers in the water for miles! What could it be? A dead fish? You bet cha….

  • AMERICA’S BEEF EXPORT IS CHALLENGED (Franklin, Texas, Ray Field) by the Presidio, Texas USDA and Texas Animal Health Commission. With the Lite of animal abuse coming to head it’s sparked a more serious concern than just sending horses across to slaughter. It started as a general concern about starving horses in holding pens. Escalating to more violent terms and conditions horses dying then being drug off to a local creek bottom where remains wash down into water shed to the Rio Grande River which flows down to a water recreation area. After several interviews from Steve Long, Texas Horse Talk Magazine the conclusion after he spoke with Texas Animal Health Commission Inspectors that the states budget being cut by 50% was the excuse why they were not enforcing “COGGINS” to match horse to cross the border. This being said that on the bottom of the coggins form states…. $10,000.00 and 5 years imprisonment for falsifying….. Meaning that when the trucks cross over into Mexico they have to pass through a USDA Inspector. The standard Mexico Health Inspection for horses is simply a “pat of the rump” or “its standing, load’ Em up”. The Problem is that if the United States is not checking for proper health papers to ensure safety of all animals crossing the border then “suspected diseased horses and cattle” that are held in the same holding could be infected and carrying disease. Any Government official, meaning employee that does the slap test is in violation and a co-conspirator in defrauding even the most hateful slaughter plants. Brazil competes with the U.S.A. in export on Beef every year and if the Brazilians challenged the beef export of the United States based on Presidio, Texas health test check test, then the world of safe meat is in trouble. Small county Sheriff Department as Presidio County has is left with the burden when States cut budgets and the Federal Government cut back also. This places the financial burden of saving America on Sheriff’s Danny Dominquez, Presidio County. These horses were deliver on weight tickets and when asked to check horses against weight tickets Jim Crenan, C4 Cattle Company, Alvarado Pens who’s alleged to starving and letting horses die denied access for comparison. Crenan claims the horses came in underweight and cut up, mangled and busted heads. Sheriff Dominquez has investigated the abuse claims but said that feed and water were there when they checked. Several horses were dead in the pens but State Law in Texas allows 3 days for removal of dead carcasses. Crenan often charges persons who bring horses that die a fee for removal, $50.00, $25.00 for his crew and $25.00 city dump which is a legal dump. Many horses are found to be in the creek with the microchip in place. Problem is buyers buy the chips, install the chips n the horses before they cross into Mexico but never record the chip number back to the national database for reference. TCEQ, Texas Commission Environmental Quality has 3 investigators on the case of horse. One came last Monday week for the criminal side and second for the civil side and third will be coming out this week civil side. They fined Crenan $10,000.00 (November 2010) before made him clean it up and he went back to the same ole story. What makes this even worse is that Crenan placing a “stamp” on the bill to the owner for removal and then dumping the horse in the creek, and yes there’s 5 witnesses so far that’s willing to come forward, makes this a federal crime for mail fraud. With mail fraud, coggins violations and list other a person could be facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and many years in prison. Tonight’s word was that an by this Wednesday there trying to move all horses and remaining cattle to El Paso to “bleed” “coggins” and sell them before any more evidence could be gathered to prosecute Jim Crenan for falsifying federal documents mainly “Coggins Form” to defraud and financially gain in the theft of this perception. This is the reason why cattlemen will shoot every horse they see because of people like this. So Watch out America, Is YOUR BEEF SAFE!

< Texas Department of Corrections State Prison Horses, these are same as any U. S. Soldiers military Dog or any Police Officers Dog.  The fast track on the sell of these cause these to be destined for a life on death row.  (Star in shoulder) 

Trying to save one thing then finding this.


More Horses and Cattle found starving to death

Pair of Grays that have pair bonded (left) and now one of them has fallen dead (right).

Is there any JUSTICE left for animals?

Remember if they’ll do this to animals what will they do to you or any human? 

<Unknown causes for injuries to horses should still be seen by a veterinarian to be treated regardless.

>These sorrels are every one then from not being fed in Jim Crenan’s C4 Cattle company Alvarado pens.  These people don’t have a clue what amount of hay and water is required to provide for each horse.

< evidence of strangles in the water, infects all the other horses.

> pure signs of strangles running through horses. Imagine sending sick and diseased horses to Europe to eat.

< wonder if enough of this would cause the permanent damage to the tear ducts or cause loss of vision or partial.

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