Picture Fun!

Wild Horse Foundation

Picture Fun!

There is more to lose than land.  A way of life and an understanding of
who we are is also at stake.  Horsemanship is important to our country’s
history and lore.  It teaches us responsibility and stewardship and how to care for another lifeform.  When we protect this, it enriches our

John F. Turner,  1997, former Director, U.S. Fish &
Wildlife Service

say ha!!!!!!!!!! please

go long Louie!

What! no beer!

howdy ya’ll!

here I come!

where did they go?


where’d ya’ll come from!

you want me to what!

yea! so I missed a spot!


which way did he go?

Kenny and Ray placing gates on the Susan G. Calhoun Arena

Larger picture of more Horse stalls at the Susan G. Calhoun Arena.  Stalls are 16′ x 16′

Ray at the WHF working a donated wild mustang.

 Ray in Gonzales, La,  BLM adoption Feb. 2003

yes, its ice! are you happy!

what’s your point! its ICE! and cold


Okay, Dakota you go long, Anglefire you cut across the middle, everybody else spread out.

Okay, everybody get close, SMILE!

Paula and Baby Pal imprinting. Born 4-14-03

Apache starting off with the Star Spangled Banner

Krysta taking pictures with the mule.

Susan giving Baby a close shave.

Phase 2 new stalls, cover is being built as we see this

wild horse foundation 06-24-14