Clinic Rules (subject to change)

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Rules for Participants

All Participants will follow the Rules or will be asked to leave, No refunds no exceptions. 


We Reserve the right to refuse entrance entrance to anyone for any reason. This is a private function and private property.

Be on time.

Be Respectful to all property.

Park In designated areas only.

Only guest in Bunkhouse quarter areas.

Be Respectful of other peoples property. Lights out at 10:30 pm. No exceptions.

All gear will be properly taken care of and stored every night. Participants are responsible for following each Clinicians area.

Safety is a must, no exceptions. Each participant will work with a number of horses and will remain with clinician while working in any pens.

Clothing will be dress comfortable wear.

Boots will be worn by all participants.  Each participant will have a skill level assessment and participant level identification tag issued.

All participant will fill out release forms  prior to working with clinicians.

All participants are responsible for there own property, any property left with out proper identification will be held at the Wild Horse Foundation in our lost and found.  You will have to identify your property.

No photographs or video recordings allowed with expressed written permission, no exceptions. 

No arguing, clinicians have the last word. Safety is first. You will be asked to leave immediately.

More rules may follow. The Executive Board can amend these Rules as necessary. NO ALCOHOL IN WORKING AREAS OR DURING CLINIC HOURS. You will be asked to leave.

For more information contact us. email:  979-676-1650