BLM starts killing wild horses..


(I told you so, but you wouldn’t listen now there plans is out!)

Wild Horse being killed and buried in a Nazi style, trench on private ranch land. 

Who will have the balls to kill these?

Do you think the murderers will live here in America?

Get real this day is near at the hands of the very ones who are suppose to Protect them!

BLM will use this on Ranches where wild horses are already so that the public can’t access the private ranchers land.

No APHIS VET or Regular VET I talk to will do it.

BLM will have to HIRE Murderers!

After the Emergency meeting, this is what we have to expect soon!

( it was pointed out to me that people wouldn’t know why the BLM would use the private ranchers land for the senseless murdering of wild horses and I’ll tell you now so that you’ll know.  If they use private ranchers land, the Public has NO Legal rights to enter this land, to see the dead horses and therefore no proof will exist unless you have a airplane.) One day the wild horses are there, one day they’re not. 

Euthanizing is a simply way of putting a wounded animal down from a disease or untreatable wound. Killing/Murder is the senseless ending of a life with out reason from a perfectly healthy body.  The BLM is by Congressional demands mismanaged and corrupt so the wild horses will die as the cause.

Read the Bottom for Madeline Pickens Plan, Now she has a “Pickens Failed Plan”

Effective Long-Term Options Needed to Manage Unadoptable Wild Horses

The BLM has stated it will KILL OFF 2000 wild horses on short term holding areas to start.  As depicted they will kill these on private ranchers land to prevent the public from being able to dig these graves up and posting pictures to be seen over the world on how barbaric the United States Government has become over its management practice.  Congress as stated in reports of the corrupt and mismanagement of the BLM program time and time again. 

In short read the report about how they the BLM has not complied with the own working of its office and they still have a job.  In the REAL world they would be fired or criminally prosecuted for abuse.

My Personal opinion, that if the BLM is serious about killing the excess wild horses, this means we don’t need all the dead excess employees that go along with the dead program.  Not only are we worse than we were when we started off but now we have to pay unemployment for worthless employees who didn’t do there job in the first place.  Sell the trucks, sell the trailers, no more long term holding facilities, no more short term holding facilities, no more APHIS Vets, the wild horses will take over the land that is RIGHTFULLY there’s again.

The suggestion from the Wild Horse Foundation:

This time let the Non-Profit groups adopt each HMA. Have them remove the excess wild horses. Pay them with government funds to manage the area, an established removal of young healthy adoptable horses removed every year by bait traps, water tables-holes can be monitored by groups and then any conflicts can be over seen by a panel of 5 made up by 1-BLM, 1-Non-profit, 1-Range Specialist, 1-Vet, 1-Neutral Person to be determined in that region from a Mayor, Council, Economist for panel decisions if hardships arises for that HMA.

This should remove it from the direct hands of the BLM and there control.

In fairness Cattlemen should have access only to enough land to maintain the minimum AUM for a 5 to 1 ration, 5 cows to 1 wild horse, not the 150 to 1 presently.

People of America if we don’t come together and protect our legacy now, we will not have a legacy to see or know tomorrow.

Read the GAO Report and tell your friends.  We need your support in DONATIONS to keep feeding our wild horses on the sanctuary.

Will you Help? 

The Pickens Plan! As Ms. Pickens states on her web site the BLM shot off there mouth before they were suppose to and practically ruins her plans, to save the BLM rear-end to get Congress to fork over another 30 million to cover one more year.

The Pickens Plan calls for Senator Harry Reid to try and find 1 million acres of land to place these wild horses.  Ms. Pickens would have you  believe that her plan is the only wild horse, drive through, stay in a cabin facility and visit type of its kind and this is not true.  Its places like the Wild Horse Foundation that has found adoptive homes for thousands of wild horses.  They’re several other facilities currently in existence.  

Let’s deal with the 1 million acres issue, first, Ms. Pickens will have to find federal land that she will have to lease.  The CATTLEMEN have this leased up and any new land that comes up for lease will be or should be put up for public bid for leasing.   At, best the Feds will release the land the wild horses have been removed off of already. So, lets figure this out, the Feds take the wild horses off the land, they release the land back to someone to put the horses back on the same land, this is public blackmail, at least a conspiracy to steal or fraud the American public of public property. 

Now, the issue of cost for the 1 million acres that the Pickens Plans wants from Senator Harry Reid, at a cost of $1.35 per AUM, animal unit month, which is the amount of land it would take to feed, graze a 1000 pound cow/calf or 1 horse which can be around 20 acres to 60 acres depending on location of land. This $1.35 is an average it ranges from $1.23 to $1.40 depending on lease and location of federal land.

The land the Pickens Plans wants is in and around Elko, Nevada

So the lease of land break down follows, 1m acres:

20 ACRES A.U.M.  (20 acres per horse)  @ 1.35

50,000 AUMS   (50,000 horses)

 COST FOR LEASE $67,500.00
25 ACRES A.U.M.  (25 acres per horse) @ 1.35 40,000 AUMS   (40,000 horses) COST FOR LEASE $54,000.00
30 ACRES A.U.M.  (30 acres per horse) @1.35 33,333.33 AUMS  (33,333 horses) COST FOR LEASE $ 44,999.99
35 ACRES A.U.M.  (35 acres per horse) @1.35 28,571.4 AUMS  (28, 571 horses) COST FOR LEASE $38,571.39
40 ACRES A.U.M.  (40 acres per horse) @1.35 25,000 AUMS  (25,000 horses) COST FOR LEASE $33,750.00

     In case your not familiar with the AUM’s this is the number of actual animals the LAND CAN SUSTAIN for the period of one year. This being said, the Pickens’s Plan for saving the wild horses would need an ideal state where the land value of AUM would be 35 acres. The BLM has already stated in December 2008 they have another silent donor that would like to take 5000 of the 33,000 wild horses making the Pickens Plan number 28,000 and this would cost T. Boone Pickens only $40,000.00 roughly.  This is one new car to the average person a year for a million acres. 

On top the Pickens want donors to help donate to this cause and build on this federal land.  As by law, NO PERMITTEE CAN BUILD ANY PERMANENT BUILDING ON FEDERAL LEASE LAND, NO RUNNING WATER OR ELECTRICITY, ONLY LINE SHACKS. BUT…. THESE are the Pickens and everything can change with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and the RIGHT Senator as your friend.

The Pickens plans calls for the total castration of all studs therefore totally making the future of wild mustangs our American Legacy a past in this plan.  This plan is to kill our legacy just years to do it in private hands.  The other way is to allow Don Glenn acting Wild Horse Program Lead to authorize the killing of the more than 35,000 wild horses in both short and long term holding facilities and this will stop the unnecessary paying of private ranchers fees for the holding of all wild horses off of BLM/Public land. 

The Pickens Plan puts the Wild Horse and Burros back to the beginning in 1971, with NO PLAN, NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT TO DO WITH THE WILD HORSES, talk about going back into the stone ages! 

In the last Advisory Board meeting and announcement of BLM budgets 49% of the BLM money goes to the Washington Office.  I had no idea that there were so many wild horses and burros in Washington, D.C., who knew!

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