BLM hoarding of America’s treasure



BLM’s cruel collection of Wild Horses

indicates serious “hoarding” among Federal Agencies-Calico Wild Horses

Just prior to the gather beginning the BLM was part of a news conference held in Reno, Nevada.   During this interview on several occasions the BLM stated ” If there is helicopters or aircraft in the air where the gather is working we will have to shut down the gather and reschedule it”.

The WHF has stated from the New York Post to LA Times and across the country that if the groups could keep from arguing with each other they should keep a aircraft in the airspace to prevent the gather.

Others issues that were referenced:  BLM attacks Non-profits

During a recent BLM wild horse gather in northern Nevada the BLM briefing provided the same blanket rhetoric…

  1. The BLM before this Calico gather pulled out there standard 20 year old lie book of lines.  The best one is, the wild horses are starving up there and we’re removing them to get them proper food and water.

            WHF, comments,  In 2007, Palomino holding Facility was used to place the Jackson Hill Mountain horses which were to be gather in June 2007 and weren’t then left to die and gather later in late August and September 2007 just before they were starved to death and dehydrated by the very BLM contractors they use to gather wild horses.  The Palomino Facility was quarantined due to the Salmonella and strangles out break, see federal laws involving facilities with these disease and it references 362 days undisturbed and sunshine to help cure the grounds, the BLM reopened just over 90 days and no one inspected this facility other there Vet they hired to use.  The stated they would not use the isles 1 and 2 the sick horses were on and wouldn’t you know it, these areas drained onto the other areas used and strangles is “airborne”.              

  1. The BLM has the official play book “they” go by.  Standard answers, year after year.   No one can ever answer how they do the official count of wild horses in each area.   The BLM never can explain how they can pay for the gathers except to say that congress is in control of there budget and federal law  mandates they be given money to do these gathers and long terms facility.  The only way the BLM could ever answer a question straight would be to turn there head and when the answer hit you it would be straight. (Meaning they lie out of the side of the face when there talking.)

            The BLM by all intensive purposes does the same old thing every year.  Since past Director Clarke made it her life mission to destroy the wild horses issued the order when she came in under President Bush 43.   She was pro cattlemen due to her stake in Utah.  Once this absurd stage was set, Jeff Rawson and Don Glenn like good puppets on the string never turned loose of the idea that this was a bad thing.  The actions of the BLM remind the average citizen of someone who is on a crack addiction or serious drunk and always needing that next fix.  I will say that there just a slight few BLM employees whom will do the right thing but gather them in a room and they will back down because they don’t want to ruffle feathers.  Just because you work for the federal government does not mean you can’t be prosecuted.  Federal employees have no immunity status, period.  Unless your Harry Reid, then you can make a racial remark considered a hate crime in most states and then you get away with it.  Does anybody go to jail in Nevada other than the gamblers? 

  1. It’s no hidden fact that the BLM built the new facility in Fallon Nevada.  They claim its easier access. No wind breaks or snow barriers.

            The Facts are that the BLM built this facility the AVOID the disease and strangle issues that has plagued Palomino Valley holding facility for years.  The PVH facility has not to this day ever been cleared by a Animal Health Commission and if your waiting for the State of Nevada to do it then your on drugs with the BLM. John Neal who manages the PVH also with his same staff runs both facilities.  You can hear the message, John Neal is a great guy and does a super job.  Folks are you getting this picture yet, are you feeling the wild horses yet.  Why would you go to someone house who is always sick and then have that sick person come over to your house?  Do you think its a reason why PVH has not been cleared from quarantine yet?  Not even as this is written has the facility been cleared.   

  1. This is the last of the America’s legacy and living legends.  Beleive who you want but the facts are in.  The BLM has this “hoarding” mentality of collecting wild horses and placing them into the care of private ranchers at the cost of us.

            The Wild Horse Foundation has never made it any different that without these wild horses and burros our country would not be here today.   Without these majestic steeds carrying our forefathers on their backs across these lands we could not be call these “United States of America”.

            It’s vitally important to remember that one of the keys signs to human destruction is the cruel effects one possess towards animals.  The BLM has not one ounce of care where these 2,500 wild horses will go, they have not bought there so called Eastern Lands to place these.  It takes years for the government to find the land, as the last GAO Report  accounts,  the BLM  has mismanaged it means by all legal and authoritive boundaries. 

            For many years, since 2000 the WHF has made issues with the BLM to make HMAs non-profit areas to help with the removal of young wild horses.  Follow the adopt-a-block program theory.

            During the gathers the BLM would have you think that the airspace is closed off and this is not true.  No legal authority owns the airspace.  All pilots know that the Military have flight restricted airspace but these have ceiling levels so that commercial aircraft can fly over. 

            For the past 15 years we personally know of many organizations that the BLM has used like “whores” in the night to push there fight.  They have gone on public release and spoken of the ways they use one organization for years and then once used up they discard these like washing hands.   The BLM plays on the mere fact that so many new people want to get in the game that they use the same old play book and they think it working.   Some of us now have out lasted Directors.  

            Past BLM Wild Horse Managers Tom Pogacnik now in California, one of the most written about Directors has the lead the fight to actually help the wild horses by starting up a few years back  a volunteer compliance BLM program.  This program has set the standard by which all should be set.  To date is still active and growing.   Tom was written about very negative but has co-authored the PZP program with HSUS on the fertility program which expires this year.   John Fend moved on after the illusion that a south Texas rancher wanted to take 25,000 wild horses and place them on his ranch but was denied due to his close proximity to Mexico.  Fend stated he was afraid that the wild horses would “drift across” the Rio Grande River.  Jeff Rawson was to busy kissing backsides you thought he was running for secretary of Interior that he wouldn’t make a move because Director Clarke wouldn’t give him his cushy assistant state director job in Utah where Clarke retired back to.  Don Glenn is to busy spinning his head and trying to make his new bosses happy that he looks more like the “Bobble Head”.  He’s hung up removing all the wild horses because that what Clarke had him do.  The man is a menace to the program.  He’s using 49% of the BLM budget in Washington on fat office salaries.    see reference 2008 Reno meeting.

                The BLM claims they do “bids” for the services they use and not once have they made the effort to do so.  You contact there office and the same old people use the same old people.   We had wild horses brought in here from Palomino Valley Holding facility and we requested to use our guy.  He has to dead head to get the horses from Texas is no different than H. D. Criswell dead heading back from Texas to Wyoming.   Well, we received, written approval from Don Glenn, John Neil and Dean Bolstead confirming route and rest points and mileage charge.  We are the only organization that hired rest way point to have the wild horses given feed and water to us from the western states.

                Not only did we receive an escort but the BLM per Don Glenn had six, (6) federal agents follow my truck with wild horses.  At the rest point in west Texas the federal agents tried to buy my wild horses from the man who was resting them.  “He insisted many times that those wild horses were not for sell.  The BLM sent in the 2nd pair of agents and the 3rd pair.  I had to call the State office in New Mexico and they told me they were federal agents out of Sorocco, New Mexico.   They even gave me the lead agents name and when I called him on the cell phone he left at the rest area he claimed he was in the construction business.  Sad part was he undercover partner didn’t tell the same story so federal agents lie among themselves.

            Not only did the agents arrive here at the ranch but when they got here they said this wasn’t the Wild Horse Foundation.  Forget the state highway and billboard signs and houses and pens and gates, they said this was not the wild horse foundation and refused to pay my truck drivers for all 4 truck loads of wild horses.  We got into a show down here out on the right of way on my land and the agents couldn’t figure out how come we had so many people in trucks drive up around them.  When I approached the Lead agent he told me some song and dance and I immediately told him that attempted livestock rustling in Texas is a crime and someone could get hurt.  He was concerned where all the other trucks came from.  Since he thinks people are stupid in Texas, they were followed from Fort Stockton to Sweetwater to Stephenville, Waco to Marlin to Kosse to the Foundation.  I would have thought they would have better driving techniques but they didn’t, license plates and and everything from El Paso County Sheriffs office were given to us via the rest area crew.  They didn’t even know where the foundation was located.  The BLM truck drivers know, why didn’t the agents?  They did that night.   

            So don’t tell me how the BLM will screw anyone against the wall, I hear it everyday people stating they tell us we can get training help, all you have to do is call us.  Never happens.   People run with there wild horses after the title period to us and we place them into homes because real people care.

            Do not tell me that the BLM will not attack a non-profit because they do it everyday.  They attack Cloud  to prove a point, for no other reason.

            If the BLM can get rid of the Wild Horse Foundation they can state that they do not know of any organization that can assist with adoptions.

            They gave that Nevada group called, National Wild Horse and Burro Foundation ran by Frank Cassas in Reno over $500,000.00 and they hired that away and did not put any wild horses in homes.  They decided just weeks before the Clarke D. A. was going to indict them for embezzlement to fold up and they renamed and came to Texas now call the Mustang Heritage Foundation.  In 2009 this group received an additional $800,000.00 ( Reno advisory meeting budget review Dean Bolstead & Don Glenn) to help put on these Extreme Mustang Makeover shows and the issues here are that the BLM uses donated money from FORD and others to pay for this slush fund.  The BLM gives them the money and then the BLM tells them where they will hold these shows and how much money they will spend.   If this heritage Group had to raise the money like any other non-profit group they wouldn’t last 15 minutes in a barn storm.  The BLM washes the money through them because they compete with the Wild Horse Foundation.  The BLM has never paid one cent to the Wild Horse Foundation for marketing or promoting much less the BLM has never done anything but through the New Mexico State Office harassed the Executive Director and the Wild Horse Foundation.  The WHF adopts more wild horse than BLM does in this region, period.

            Special agent Bart Russell even went as far and called a horse magazine and threaten them to pull there magazine when word got out the front cover had a wild horse named “Sundance” was on it as the Founders of the Wild Horse Foundation presented to President Bush in 2004 in Crawford, Texas just up the road from the foundation.  The owner of the magazine offered to make Agent Russell the most famous agent in the U. S. .  Agent Russell has gone as far as to state to Susan Calhoun, President of the Wild Horse Foundation, that he wasn’t after her or the foundation, he was after her husband, Ray Field.  Agent Russell even cited Mr. Field, federal citation,  for having more than 4 untitled wild horses at one time.  Well paperwork showed that Bob Mitchell, Wild Horse Program lead in Oklahoma approved these wild horses but here’s what even more scary.  The Federal Judge through the case out against Mr. Field.  The BLM did this to harass Mr. Field and intimidate him.  They even had Mr. Field appear at Fort Hood in front of 2 JAG Prosecutors, wow real military people.  Mr. Field is a civilian, people.

            It’s the sole responsibility of the wild horse adopter to inform the BLM that the wild horse has been moved to be trained, not the trainer.  So if the BLM and it would have to be Agent Russell not the compliance guys, they don’t care, finds out you moved your horse to a trainer and that trainer wasn’t someone the BLM liked they would go look and if he had wild horses they would harass him.  This trainer isn’t even required by any law to report or detail who’s horses or how many he has or where they came from but the BLM would harass this trainer.  It’s there way of making people stay away from wild horses and the program. It’s sabotage at the highest level.  

            So there’s many stories to be written about how the BLM harasses people, animals and non-profits.

As the Executive Director and Founder of the Wild Horse Foundation I have the job to try and seek donations and try and place as many wild horses into homes as fast as we can.  This keeps the BLM from telling congress there are no groups to help.

            We’re here during these critical times still taking wild horses in and still seeing them in sell barns across the country.  We can’t save the planet but we can still try and do our part.

            Your part for us is to remember to send us a donation, no matter how small.  We’ll take $5.00 every month over trying to wait for that $500.00 of $1,000.00 which is all so great but times dictate we all need to eat and survive.

            Thank You for your time in reading this.  God Bless our Troops. God Bless our Nation and God Bless our Wild Horses that they may be able to out run those that want to cause them harm forever.  You have a home here, forever.

            For those of you who can donate thank you millions of times and those who want to but can’t please write your congressman/woman and let them know that protecting our wild horses is an American way of life.

          Thank You.

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